Empirical Learning

Learning through Critical Reflections


For sustainable capability building, Empirical Learning or learning through critical reflections on our experiences is the key learning approach. It engages the learner in critical thinking; problem solving and decision making that are personally relevant to them. Under Empirical Learning, outdoor activities are supplemented with classroom sessions to reflect upon and internalise learning. Breaking away from the monotony at workplace, Empirical Learning programmes not only refresh and engage, but also allow for experimenting and reorganising team dynamics.

Empirical Learning is a holistic approach to learning which provides opportunities of learning through reflection, feedback and application of skills and ideas to any situations. It is a combination of various forms of learning such as traditional classroom, psychometric tool based, one-on-one coaching and outbound activities which enables participants to understand and apply new found knowledge and skills within a single learning initiative in their personal and professional space.

Adding Value to Learning

  • In Empirical Learning, the advantages are manifold. First and foremost, the learning gets translated into practice during the programme itself. This aspect of Empirical Learning bridges the gap between the “class room” and the work place. It also addresses all forms of learners who may be either visual, auditory or tactile / kinaesthetic learners. It ensures the continuous engagement of participants as well as associative recall. Hence the retention by the participants who undergo Empirical Learning is very high.

  • Empirical Learning also addresses the ‘complete’ person. It takes into consideration not just the mind and body, but also an individual’s intellect and emotion. And it also simulates ‘real conditions’ in the unknown and ever changing environment, competition, failures, successes, and ‘survival through speed’. All through the programme, Empirical Learning ensures a spirit of camaraderie through a common objective as well as experience based action planning.

Tools of Empirical Learning

Our Solutions

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Empirical Learning Model

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