Instructor Led Training

Building Sustainable Capabilities through Collaborations


Instructor Led Training is considered the gold standard in the training world and is the basis of comparison for all other training methodologies. Instructor Led Training or classroom experience is considered to be the most effective, as it offers significant learning benefits for the learners to engage and improve their retention through assessments, interactive activities and rich media content.

In this fast-paced world of technology and social networking, individual interaction has become limited. Gathering together to learn socially should be incorporated in any training solution as it best facilitates real-time interaction, in-depth information sharing and direct response to questions.

Having an instructor for ready assistance has many advantages. It not only gives them the benefit of learning from the experts; staying motivated and on-track; interaction with fellow participants and network building; but also enables them to receive immediate feedback for performance improvement.

Evoke Potential’s successful instructor-led “text-light” and “activity-heavy” training includes plenty of relevant stories, scenarios and activities that encourage employee interaction, making them feel in control of their own training experience. With our Integrated Learning Approach, we strive to make the training solutions more enriching, dynamic and valuable for building sustainable capability.

Our Solutions

Leadership Development
Management Development
Competency Based Learning
Change Management
Customer Service
Sales Effectiveness
Team Building
Grooming & Etiquette
Self Empowerment
Communication Skills
Vision Mission Creation
Personality Development
& Many more...

Encourage hands-on practice

Respect different adult learning styles

Respond to participants queries

Promote skills acquisition and proficiency

Provide clear and constructive feedback

If you are looking for customized training solutions that enable capability building to gain an edge over your competitors, contact our experts.