Solution & Approach

Our Solutions

Evoke Potential’s training solutions are engaging, exciting, interactive and use adult learning methodology to enhance employees’ skills, mind-sets, and behaviours. We provide customized solutions in areas of leadership development, sales force effectiveness, customer relationship management, communication, employee engagement, team building, managerial development and behavioural skills.


Instructor Led Training (ILT)

Instructor Led Training is considered the gold standard in the training world and is the basis of comparison for all other training methodologies. Instructor Led Training or classroom experience is considered to be the most effective...


Empirical Learning (Offsite)

For sustainable capability building, Empirical Learning or learning through critical reflections on our experiences is the key learning approach. It engages the learner in critical thinking; problem solving and decision making that are...


Our Approach


Evoke Potential’s stratified approach and methodology ensures that we are able to create customised training solutions aligned with the learning objectives of our clients. The approach is inclusive where we use the widely used concepts around the world for business improvement and innovative training methodologies including Empirical Learning programmes (off site) and combine them with the on-ground knowledge and experience of the key stakeholders and create practical, intelligent and impactful training programmes.

Our team of certified and experienced facilitators and experiential educators understand that one of the important factors for a successful transformation is building capabilities. Our cumulative industry experience and extensive man management experience enables us to design solutions that are attuned to the needs of the participants and ultimately aligned with business performance.

De4 Model Explanation

If you are looking for customized training solutions that enable capability building to gain an edge over your competitors, contact our experts.